About Dr. Aditi

Professional Tutor in Chicago and Naperville

Dr. Aditi Mehra grew up in Zambia, Africa and attended a private boarding school in Liverpool, England from age 12-18yrs. Thereafter, she came to the US to pursue her bachelors in occupational therapy at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI. Dr. Mehra specialized in pediatrics and has been a practicing occupational therapist for nearly twenty years now. Her experience includes a variety of settings: hand therapy, inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, school-setting, and mental health, and she is also certified as an early intervention specialist. In 2000, Dr. Aditi opened her own pediatric outpatient clinic and serviced the community with offering presentations on the diagnosis and interventions for sensory processing disorders to parents and other professionals. Her work experience includes being a consultant for Lurie Children’s Hospital (CDH) as a member of the Autism Diagnostic Team and Little Friends. Dr. Aditi has also participated in several outreach programs in the city where she grew up, Kitwe, Zambia to provide OT services specifically in hand therapy and inpatient rehabilitation to the underprivileged population. Upon completion of her doctorate degree in health sciences (2016), Dr. Aditi had expected to embark upon a new career as a university professor. However, that goal came to a screeching halt upon her discovery of Precision Teaching. Once she delved deeper into this field, Dr. Aditi uncovered Fit Learning and the truly transformative results possible for every child. Dr. Aditi quickly became enamored by its science-based principles and its ability to effectively engage and transform education for all children, regardless of disabilities, abilities, and/or diagnostic labels. Within a few months of discovering its value, she became committed to the dream of bringing Fit Learning to Illinois, where nothing of its kind existed. As she began to learn the skills, she started to implement some of the Fit techniques within her OT practice, and the results have been profound. Dr. Aditi is currently collaborating with the founder of Precision Teaching university in Pennsylvania to create and disseminate an online course incorporating Precision teaching into OT practice. If you’re searching for a professional tutor who can create a comprehensive plan for your child, contact us today.


Fit Learning uses the Fit Learning Method of instruction. The method is a unique combination of applied behavior analysis, precision teaching, direct instruction, curriculum-based measurement, and relational frame theory. The result is a profoundly transformative process that consistently produces 1-2 years of growth in 40-50 hours.This is why tutors in Perth cannot reproduce results such as these.


Science has determined that fluency – or a measure of accuracy, plus pace – is the most appropriate measure of skill mastery. It reliably predicts that a learner remembers the skill over time in the absence of on-going practice, and that they can perform the skill under distracting conditions without affecting performance. This serves as the goal for everything we train at Fit Learning.


When students achieve fluency across a broad array of core skill areas for a particular subject, they experience an actual transformation as a learner. A fluent foundation produces learners who have cognitive fitness – they are agile, flexible, focused, perseverant, confident, and determined learners, who are able to think critically at all times.