Cognitive Coaching

Train the brain through cognitive coaching techniques in Chicago, Naperville, and Chicagoland.As a society, we have become consumed with keeping our children busy.  As a mother of 3 boys, I get it!  When kids get bored, what happens next?  They’ll be all over you—that’s what!  Life starts to be like that never-ending road trip that produces that well-known response—“Are we there yet?… Are we there yet?”  In other words, kids get bored and they’re not afraid to tell us.  When they’re not using words to tell us, their actions clearly get the point across!


As parents, how do we respond?  We get our children in every possible activity we can find, that’s how!  From sporting activities to musical activities and anything in between—we shift the burden!  Let’s face it, a soccer coach is best for improving a child’s soccer skills and a music teacher is best for developing proficiency at the piano.  What do we do about developing our children’s most important assets—their brains?


That is where our Fit Learning team comes in.  We are the experts in cognitive coaching!  If we hire personal trainers to build our muscles, why should our brains be any different?  After all, the brain is our most vital muscle!  While weightlifting may be instrumental in building muscles, knowledge is the essential fuel for our brains.


Easier said than done, right?  Information comes at our children from all directions, but are they processing that endless stream of information?  That is where cognitive coaching comes in!  There may be certain behaviors that inhibit the learning process.  In other cases, learning gaps may have formed as a result of foundational skills that may have been missed along the way.


We address the behaviors that stand in the way of effective learning!  We also hop into that magic time machine and go back to the point when the struggles first started!  Whatever problem may stand in the way, our cognitive coaching techniques will pave the way for your child’s success.