Fit Learning has proudly served students and their families in and around Naperville. Our proven, evidence-based tutoring programs have been designed to enhance the learning process for students of all ages and aptitudes. A vast amount of data and evidence has shown us that this approach works. But why take our word for it? Below, you’ll find a few stories that students and families shared with us about their experience with the Fit Learning tutoring programs. You’ll learn about why they began, what they learned, and how it changed their lives.


“1st place trophy!!”

I won’t be sending Hal to Fit Learning today. He has his Chess awards ceremony at 4 and will be receiving a 1st place trophy!! We are so excited and proud of him we thought it would be nice to take him out to celebrate. Hal struggles with his confidence levels and to see him achieve and feel proud of himself is an amazing experience as a parent 🙂 We know all of the hard work the coaches at Fit Le…Read More

“We are so proud of her”

“I just wanted you both to know that Cindy has made the Huffaker Honor Roll (yeah!) and been presented with a certificate. Let me say I know that without a doubt this has been an achievement for her given the hard work and shared success she has experienced at Fit Learning which has been the main contributor to this accomplishment. We are so proud of her. Thank you again to you both, and to Fit fo…Read More

“She is fully motivated”

<p”>”You were not kidding when you described FIT as transformative. I wanted to let you know that Sophie seems to have undergone a complete transformation this year. She is 100% engaged in her schoolwork. She does her work independently and is very organized. She is fully motivated and, for the first time in a long time, has been successful. Her GPA in the first quarter was 88.8. My husband and I are …Read More

“I was speechless”

“I was speechless when I received the Fit Learning Assessment when it pinpointed the exact areas my son was experiencing gaps in his learning. Although, they looked minor, when you realize that he is only midway in his educational life, addressing these issues will be life changing. Now that Fit Learning has pinpointed the areas that have been holding my son back from grades and education he deser…Read More

“Mark loves coming to Fit”

“Mark loves coming to Fit. He tells me ‘they know how to teach me’. His experience is very positive here and gives him confidence. He is excited to be able to read some words now. Everyone is doing a great job with him.”…Read More

“Kelly is miraculously improved”

“I would gladly advocate for Fit Learning in any way (public or private). Kelly is miraculously improved in her cognitive abilities. I think Fit methodologies should be practiced in the public school system.”…Read More

“She is more confident”

“Sally’s time at Fit has really changed her as a student. She is more confident and more organized. She is able to identify what she needs help with and begin problem solving independently. The experience has been priceless.”…Read More

“Super happy”

“Super happy, Tom loves coming here every day! Thank you!”…Read More

“Really helped our daughter focus better”

“The Fit Learning program has really helped our daughter focus better in school as well as perform at grade level with much improvement.”…Read More

“Gabby has made great progress”

“Gabby has made great progress at Fit and I am very happy about her performance.”…Read More


Fit Learning uses the Fit Learning Method of instruction. The method is a unique combination of applied behavior analysis, precision teaching, direct instruction, curriculum-based measurement, and relational frame theory. The result is a profoundly transformative process that consistently produces 1-2 years of growth in 40-50 hours.This is why tutors in Perth cannot reproduce results such as these.


Science has determined that fluency – or a measure of accuracy, plus pace – is the most appropriate measure of skill mastery. It reliably predicts that a learner remembers the skill over time in the absence of on-going practice, and that they can perform the skill under distracting conditions without affecting performance. This serves as the goal for everything we train at Fit Learning.


When students achieve fluency across a broad array of core skill areas for a particular subject, they experience an actual transformation as a learner. A fluent foundation produces learners who have cognitive fitness – they are agile, flexible, focused, perseverant, confident, and determined learners, who are able to think critically at all times.